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Finnish early 80’s Goth legends Musta Paraati reunited briefly in 2015 with vocalist Herra Ylppö to play a string of well-received shows. This new line-up made it to the studio, too, but managed only to record the two track EP Uusi Musta/Uudet Juhlat (‘New Black/New Parties’). Ylppö was increasingly busy with his own band Maj Karma and his solo career, and after a while Musta Paraati guitarist Saku Paasiniemi decided to send a new batch of songs to The 69 Eyes front man (and long time Paraati fan) Jyrki 69 instead.

“Two hours after I sent the demos to Jyrki I received three completed songs,” Saku chuckles. “Mind you, we didn’t really think of our collaboration marking the new coming of Musta Paraati at all, it was just another cool project!”

The Project metamorphosed into Musta Paraati in Los Angeles. A visiting Jyrki 69 happened to play the new material to the representatives of Cleopatra Records, the company that in March this year had given Paraati’s 1983 classic debut album “Peilitalossa” an US release. It took all of 28 seconds for the Cleopatra guys to sign the project – as Musta Paraati.

The classic trio of Saku, bass player Panda Nikander and drummer Ykä Knuuttila plus Jyrki 69 went into the studio and recorded Musta Paraati’s first new album in 34 years. Titled “Black Parade” it will be released on October 16, following the US release of single The Leader and German release of single Nacht der Untoten.

“The Cleopatra people confessed that the finished album wasn’t quite what they had expected – but, you see, we had absolutely no intentions to make a “Peilitalossa 2.0”. Did they sound disappointed? No, ha ha! They told me that Animosity was playing non-stop in the office and that it’s truly a killer album, an instant classic!”

Apart from The Leader, a new English language version of debut album track Johtaja, “Black Parade” consists of all new material.

“Ah, there’s one other throwback,” Saku remembers. “The cover shot was taken in the same location as our debut album’s – by the same photographer, the great Stefan Bremer!”

 New album out in 19th of October 2018.

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