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Reckless Love

The finnish ambassadors of  ”merry metal” Reckless Love have been playing their melodic hard rock over a decade now. The band is known for their colourful and entertaining live shows and catchy songs about the timeless rock ´n roll subjects: girls, girls, girls.

Outside their homebase Finland Reckless Love has a remarkable following in the UK, in which the band has toured frequently over the past five years.

Reckless Love is releasing their fourth album InVader March 11th. The album will be available in many European countries with  UK and Germany included - and in the US as well. The guitar player of the band Pepe Cedergren says InVader is their bravest and most versatile album. But the result didn´t come easy. It meant ”blood, sweat and tears” for the guys in the band.

For the first time in the band´s history, we took a total break from touring for writing.  We really wanted to put all the focus in creating great songs. We wanted to stretch the genre limits even more than before. We did all kinds of experiments, some of them pretty far out from our comfort zone, and finally came to square one of the joyous hard rock music, the Reckless Love music.”

Over the course of their career Reckless Love have many times challenged the carved into stone kind of hard rock traditions and beliefs.  When their biggest hit, the shamelessly poppy ”Hot” came out in 2011, the genre purists were saying the guys are digging their own grave. The history has shown that was not the case.

Also InVader flirts with pop, even with electro, but  then again it beautifully connects the best parts of the hard rock legacy into their new songs, such as the first single Monster. The song about the modern woman reminds us of Alice Cooper, Mötley Crue and at times even The Queen.

Reckless Love starts their 25 show UK-European tour March 4th with their opening act Santa Cruz. The tour starts From Bristol and ends up in Moscow in April 3rd. 

Watch the Monster-video: http://bit.ly/1OTHRwY
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