Liljan Loisto

On their previous album Liljan Loisto interpreted songs of war evacuees with a Jamaican twist and managed to incite a new enthusiasm for reggae amongst those who still cherish Carelia, the land lost in the war.
The media’s interest was also piqued: “Why Carelia?” they would ask. Those following the band would no doubt have noticed another, perhaps even more significant development in their repertoire. The burning sounds of gypsy music and Balkan rhythms have influenced Finnish music from rock to hip hop and have flavoured Liljan Loisto’s music as well.

The band’s latest album will showcase colorful interpretations of Finnish popular songs, gypsy songs and the gems of Balkan folk music. The new and improved band combines folk music, reggae and Balkan sound and will make audiences crave for more!

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Territories: Finland

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